Wills & Estate Planning


Review of Existing Will
Clarification of Your Wishes
Discussing Options In UAE

Discussing Options in UAE
local Courts
DIFC Guardianship Will

Minimising Inheritance Tax
Estimating Tax Liability
Lifetime Cashflow Analysis
Strategies to Reduce Tax
Exempt / Non-Exempt Assets

Trusts etc.
Offshore Structures

A Will is the cornerstone of your financial planning. Your Will ensures the assets you have accumulated over your lifetime pass to the correct people.

It is therefore a tragedy to know that many people die without a Will. 

This results in higher costs of administration, delays, potentially higher taxes, and worst of all the possibility of the wrong people inheriting your estate. Expats are especially vulnerable.

To help expats resolve this and related problems quickly and cost effectively, I launched Great British Wills. Full details of the service can be found at the website of Great British Wills.

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