Client’s Reviews

Living in Dubai since 2001, I have been very fortunate to work with expatriates from lots of different countries. I have always been a financial planner and have been lucky enough to work with a lot of interesting people. Here are some of the client testimonials they have given me.


David Bligh-Smith, Dubai
For Holistic Financial Planning
Stuart is a genuine go to type person if you want clear and balanced advice on personal financial planning which for me started with a total reconsideration and rewrite of my UK will (he referred me to excellent counsel for a UAE Will) and we then moved on to considering how to optimise my personal wealth in a tax-efficient manner and including full consideration of complex jurisdictional issues and trust structures.

He is able to offer solutions but he does not push you into any, that is a personal choice – for me, this was one of the most valuable and holistic exercises I could have done. From my own experience, Stuart completely stands out from the crowd for such services in UAE and he is a very nice person with it – it is still critical to be careful here, even though there have been many more welcome moves to stricter regulation.

Sarah Booth, Dubai
For Returning Home Service
I had lived out of the UK for a long time and was not sure what financial matters I needed to think about. Stuart was able to explain key considerations clearly and gave me a few tips on how to save money with regards to UK taxation. He gave me useful advice regarding National Insurance contributions. He also referred me to a specialist expatriate accountant for the finer details. I would be happy to recommend Stuart to any other Brits returning home.
Victoria Walker, Dubai
For Returning Home Service
Stuart’s advice, guidance and experience were invaluable to us here in UAE. He handled a potentially difficult discussion with expertise, confidence and finesse. I would highly recommend his company.
Lars Pertwee, Dubai
For Financial Life Planning
I have been working with Stuart now for seven months; I contacted Stuart because I had become concerned about a lack of progress being made with my finances (aka toward my ‘retirement goals’) but also, perhaps more importantly, a perceived lack of individual attention.
Stuart was recommended to me by close friends who had been working with him for a few years. During our first meeting, Stuart took the time to understand what I wanted – and helped me clarify my thoughts – and subsequently provided me with a detailed report offering options and recommendations.

These illustrated a modern approach to investment which I was happy to accept as they made sense to me. This new strategy will provide me a more certain financial future; is aligned to my current future plans; provides flexibility to change direction along the way and will save me money (in fees) in the future. I am happy to recommend Stuart to anyone seeking financial advice.

Alex Tully, London
For Medical Insurance
I first met Stuart some 9 years ago, when he helped me with some medical insurance queries whilst I was working overseas. Since relocating to London last year, finding a local advisor who could help me strategise historical international investment plans proved to be a challenge. Despite being out of touch for many years, Stuart was happy to talk with me about my existing plans, helped me understand how the products worked and what my options were. I am now better informed and able to make the right decision for my needs.
Ian Rose, Dubai
For Buying a Family Home
We wanted to get an independent review of our financial situation and discuss priorities and goals so we have a plan to work towards, otherwise it is all too easy to put saving off till another day/year! Our first target was to be able to purchase a property. It was important to us that our finances were on a sound footing before committing to the purchase. Stuart gave us lots of useful information on budgeting, retirement planning and wills and has introduced us to a qualified mortgage broker. We are now in a position to start house hunting and feel we have a more rounded view of our finances and goals.
Nina Ptok, Dubai
For Financial Planning Advice
When it comes to financial advice, it is difficult to know who to trust. Stuart was recommended to us by a friend who was pleased with his service and used his services for a number of years. Always happy to answer questions clearly and simply, we are glad to have him as our adviser and never hesitate to reach out to him for advice.
Adrian Deegan, Abu Dhabi
For Financial Planning Advice
My wife and I first met Stuart about 10 years ago and have always felt comfortable referring to Stuart whenever we needed financial advice. When we first met, we had a number of financial products we did not fully understand. He was able to answer all our questions clearly, honestly and most importantly, objectively. We have always been happy with the advice he gave to us. We would not hesitate in recommending Stuart to anyone who requires financial advice.
David Cracknell, Dubai
For Professionalism
I have known Stuart since I have been in Dubai which is around 12 years and he has been dealing with my personal finances since that time. I would be please to recommend Stuart who I have always found to be a pleasure to deal with. He has always shown great integrity and honesty and it is very important but quite difficult to find someone in this profession who you feel you can truly trust as I do with Stuart.
Jean Luc Dubois, Dubai
For Group Medical Insurance
My company has engaged Stuart to review our group medical scheme provision. Stuart has demonstrated excellent knowledge in this area and we will be assessing his recommendations with a view to changing our scheme. Superb.
Martin Hughes, Dubai
For Investment Advice
Stuart has been working with us on our GCC financial planning for several years. I highly commend him for his sensible and client-focused approach to his work. He makes all concepts simple and clear to understand and is honest and detailed about any risks inherent in an investment decision. I have recommended Stuart to both friends and colleagues and would be happy to do so in the future.
Mark Hirst, Dubai
For Honesty and Impartiality
Stuart is one of those rare gems in the financial industry, honest, trustworthy knowledgeable and a very nice person overall. He’s the real deal in terms of customer service. I would recommend him as an excellent financial advisor to anyone looking to work with someone whom they can trust and depend on for good impartial advice.

I hope to one day add your client testimonial to this list. To discuss your financial planning needs, please contact me on 00 971 50 594 5217 or e-mail stuart.porter@aesinternational.com