Review Meeting


Regulatory Regime

Charging Structure
Contribution History

Portfolio Risk
Historical Management
Presence of Unsuitable Assets

Summary and Analysis
Suitability For Your Objectives
Product: Comparison With Market
Portfolio: Comparison With Peers

Review of Existing Plans and Policies

The purpose of this service is to check your use of your capital is aligned with what is most important to you. 

The financial services sector is fiercely competitive. This competition has led to better products and services for you. However many expats are underserved and so hold outdated products which no longer efficiently allocate their hard earned money.

Your review will look at the planning you currently have in place. Your report which is provided as part of the review, will provide you with an analysis of how well your existing arrangements match your objectives. Where appropriate it will also provide valuable insight into how you can improve the efficiency of your financial planning and highlight any potential weak spots which come to light.

How The Service Works

There are 3 stages to the review.

    1. Understanding your objectives
    2. Collecting data from the product provider
    3. Presenting your report which analyses how well the product matches your objectives.

Potential Outcomes

The review service is done on a no obligation basis.

  1. Your existing arrangements may match your requirements, in which case you will have the peace of mind knowing that a qualified professional has reviewed your plans and you are doing the best you can based on your circumstances.
  2. Your existing arrangements may need some adjustment, in which case you can use the report as the basis for a discussion with your existing adviser.
  3. Your existing arrangements may not be adequate for your needs, in which case you may want to appoint me / AES Wealth as your financial planner. We will then work together to develop a plan which matches your objectives.

There will be no change to your existing financial planning relationship as part of the review service

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