Lifetime Cashflow Planning

Your lifetime cashflow is unique to you. This service enables you to understand more about your future lifestyle.

How It Works

Using data about your current income, expenditure, assets, and liabilities we plot the potential course of your finances. Along the way we can add items such as getting married, the impact of children on your finances, moving house, retirement, and many other lifetime events. 

What if…? Analysis

Using the information gleaned from the lifetime cashflow analysis, adjustments can be made to your financial planning to improve your potential outcomes. Popular questions are:

  1. Will I have enough income in retirement?
  2. What would be the impact of retiring 5 years early?
  3. How much can we give to our grandchildren to help them on the property ladder and reduce our inheritance tax liability?

Lifetime cashflow planning should be regularly review to take account of changes in your circumstances, economic variables such as the cost of living as well as tax and legislation.

Stress Testing Scenarios

When conducting lifetime cashflow analysis, assumptions need to be made. For example, the rates of investment growth and inflation. These assumptions are usually assumed to be constant. In reality, inflation and investment growth vary over time. 

The software used enables us to simulate what your portfolio would have done if you achieved your goal at key points in time, for example just before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2007/08.

A more recent refinement to the analysis process is the Monte Carlo Simulation.

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