Holistic Financial Planning

Holistic Financial Planning is a process that matches the use of your income and capital to the people and things that matter to you most.

Research has shown the better an objective is understood, the greater the clarity of vision and the greater the probability of success.

Holistic financial planning starts with a conversation. Where required, using a process that has been refined over decades, I will help you uncover what is important to you. Having identified these key components of your life, we work on prioritising them.

This process brings order to your finances. Additionally, we plan for potential life changing events recognising that it is better to plan at leisure than try and fix a problem in haste. This forms the basis of your lifestyle financial plan. Your plan is unique to you, based on your values, resources and timescale.

Working Together

Holistic financial planning is an ongoing process. Building on the firm foundations of your financial plan, ongoing guidance is provided over the years. Regular progress meetings and contact, help you remain focused on your long-term objectives.

Working in partnership, I act as a sounding board, to discuss changes in your life and their financial impact. This can avoid emotion-led decisions which may be damaging to your longer term plans. I also act as an accountability partner reminding you of the progress we agreed on at the outset to achieve that which is most important to you.

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