Do You Have Any Questions?

Here are a few commonly asked questions.

Do you only work with expats?

I have specialised in working with expatriates for the last 20 years. Where a person is living in their home country, I may still be able to help them or possibly refer them to a trusted adviser.

Is there a minimum account value?

Whilst certain services do have minimum values, I would encourage you to take advantage of the free discovery call. The call usually last about 15 minutes. During the call we can work together to see if the services offered are a good fit for you.

Do you only work with British expatriates?

No, although I am originally from the UK I have worked with many different nationalities over the years.

Is AES Wealth independent?

AES is independent. We are not owned by any product provider. We are the only independently verified fiduciary in the Middle East. This means that not only do we say we put our clients interests first but we actually do.

Do You Offer Virtual Meetings?

Yes, meetings are available on ZOOM, MS TEAMS and Google Meet as well as more traditional physical meetings which are usually held in your home or office.

Do You Have Another Question?