Try before you buy retirement location planning

Discover Your Perfect Retirement Spot

Struggling to choose a retirement location? The "Try Before You Buy" method offers a practical solution by allowing potential retirees to experience a location firsthand before committing. This approach involves defining preferences, visiting and living in the location during different seasons, engaging with the local community, and recording reflections. This method mitigates risks, ensures personalised decision-making, and enhances motivation. #retirementplanning #expatlife #wealthcoachdubai ... Read More
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Retirement Location: Tax Regime or Standard of Living?

When choosing a retirement location, both the tax regime and cost of living are crucial. High income retirees may prioritise favorable tax policies, while those on fixed incomes benefit from lower living costs. Ultimately, balancing both factors, considering individual needs and healthcare access, ensures financial security and quality of life. ... Read More